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Michael V. Rodrigues, B.Sc. Engineering Mechanical & Electrical, services to UK & Planet

Michael a British multi-talent Inventor of ‘silent jet engines’ ‘gigadron cyclone control’
‘no tax UK, £5Tn/yr from RealRich‘, keeps UK aero defence well ahead of the world. Michael’s superb track record worked with world renowned British Aircraft Firms, Handley Page, Fairey Aviation & Westlands on Passenger & Military Aircraft, designing the Gannet, Scout, Wasp, Rotodyne, Jetstream & world fastest & agile Lynx Helicopter. Michael is a key team designer inventor of fastest Lynx Helicopter Prototypes.
The Lynx Helicopter’s tail-plane & skid undercarriage are Michael’s inventions.

Michael’s skid undercarriage invention’s key feature is ‘no front cross bar’
selected by British Army top brass as it ‘enhanced speed & radar logistics’

The Lynx fastest helicopter speed record – 250mph has not been broken.
Michael’s ‘Lynx Technology’ war service helped win the Falklands war & others.

The Lynx helicopter is versatile, lifting & transporting heavy loads such as,
All terrain,
8 wheeler, anti tank army vehicle & crew – see video below.

A Lynx has never been shot down in active war combat.

Michael is a final team designer of the Rotodyne 1st VTOL passenger plane.

The Fairey Rotodyne is a hybrid between a passenger plane & helicopter.

Westland Wasp a Royal Navy Anti-sub Helicopter
another of Michael’s high tech war service to Britain’s aero defence.

Two Royal Navy Wasps crippled ‘Argentine sub Santa Fe’ in the Falklands war.

Michael’s bolted blades silent jet engine patents.

Michael’s bolted blades patents make jet engines silent, 500% more thrust, 625% more mpg, 50 fold strong, at 1/20th present production costs & time.

All jet engines use noisy, unsafe 1884 fir-tree slots, copied in 1937 by Frank Whittle, Heinkel & all jet engines. Fragile fir-tree slots fractures cause 2,300 jet crash fatalities/year. Present jet engines have no bolted blades – a bolt is quick, 50 fold strong / low cost.
It’s incredible that in 2017 jet engines use fir-trees slots a blunder of steam turbine Inventor Charles Parsons in 1884 – 140 years ago.

Below – Compressor blade fragile fir-tree roots inside rotor disc fragile fir-tree slots.


Below view of through cut fatal fragile fir-tree slots in periphery of rotor disc.

Thro cut fir-tree slots weaken disc 50 fold aggravated by 96 rattling turbine blades vibrations 16,000/sec = 96 rattling crowbars fatigue fracture fuselage/fir-tree slots.
RR ‘lost air cooled turbine blades run at 300 degs above the melting point of alloy’.

Below Video evidence – Andy Mylrea – RR Chief jet engine designer

RR brags ‘closely guarded secrets’ cause the most frequent jet crash fatalities.

Below Michael’s Bolted Blade Turbine patent oil coolant passages, 5p, recycle hot turbine blade heat to rads in fan aft duct, giving 500% more thrust, 625% more mpg,
50 fold strength & silent jet engines, at 1/20th present production costs/time.


All jet engines are noisy & unsafe. Why? 1884 fir-tree slot blunder – copied in 1937 by Frank Whittle, WW2 Heinkel & all jet engines for 80 years from 1937 to 2017.
Turbine fir-tree/fan dove-tail slots fractures, cause 2,300 jet crash fatalities/yr.

Below – Fan bladeS dove-tail roots emit intolerable noise in loose dove-tail slots.

Q? Why are jet engines unbearably noisy?
A: Fan blades dove-tails rattling in 15mm loose dove-tail slots – video evidence below.


Loud dang dang blade rattle with finger push is blast noise at 3000rpm full speed.
Dove-tail & fir-tree slot rattling blade vibrations fatally disintegrate fuselage & slots.
RR fan blades = of the 24 x 15Kg rattling crow bars, 1M long break out of dovetail slots. Worse
– below –
‘no two RR fan blades are the same’ so ‘good balance is unattainable’.

RR brags ‘close guarded secrets’ cause more frequent jet crash fatalities. .

Below Michael’s granted bolted fan blades patent make jet engines silent.
at more than 50 metres it’s silence, 500% more thrust, 625% more mpg,
50 fold stronger, at 1/20th present production costs/time.



Michael’s ‘Bolted Blade’ patents make jet engines silent, very safe, 500%thrust,
50fold strong, 625%mpg at
1/20th present cost/time; prevents 2,300 murders/yr.

‘Prevent mass murders of 2,300 fatal jet crash victims/yr’ by:-
Three inept UK IPO CEs’ malicious misconduct in public office.
Mass murders 100 fold vile than recent terrorist van murders.

Also inept CEs (ignorance of ‘No bolted blades fatal flaws) in:-
all Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety Boards,
all Jet Engine and Jet Plane Manufacturers as well as
all Airlines with jet engine passenger planes.

Q: What makes jet engines noisy & unsafe? Answer: ‘1884 blunder’ by steam turbine
Charles Parsons ‘using fir-tree blades/slots;’ copied in 1937 by Frank Whittle, Heinkel & jet engine makers. Fir-tree blades/slots lead to 2,300 jet crash fatalities/yr.

Dove-tail & fir-tree slot rattling blade vibrations fatally disintegrate fuselage & slots.
24 RR fan blades, 15Kg rattling crow bars, 1M long break/fly out of weak dovetail slots It’s worse ‘no two RR fan blades are identical’ so ‘perfect balance is unattainable’.
RR fir-tree turbine blades vibrate at 16,000/sec break/fly out of weak fir-tree slots. Michael’s Bolted Blade Pats make jet engines Safe, Silent, 500% thrust @ 625% mpg.
yet bolting blades is 1/20th present
machining, materials, production costs / time.

More proof. Below is a very loud noisy ‘Steam Turbine Hall’ in the
1,250 Mega Watt Blythe ‘B’ steam turbine power station
Michael was Chief controls / circuits designer for the entire power station
Like jet engines noisy rattling turbine slotted blades break off & fly through casing.
In Power Stations its just a New Turbine. In flying jet engines its a Fatal Crash.
The steam turbine exhaust is quiet in the cooling towers 200 metres away,
Yet in the Turbine Hall ‘rattling fir-tree blade noise is unbearable, loud & harsh’.
95% of jet engine noise is rattling loose slotted blades, ‘not jet exhaust’.


Domestic Appliance Design Work:

Heritage Hoover Building on the A40 Perivale – Greater London

800 staff worked at this Complex in it’s hey day
Michael worked as a new product design engineer at the Hoovers.

The Institute of Inventors – www.instituteofinventors.com
Founded & now funded by Michael, the IoI has over 1757 members – the largest Inventor institute in the world. Engineer Inventor service is now free include Evaluation, World Product & Patent Searches, Drafting Patent Specs & Drawings,


Successful Patented Inventions Achievements of Michael:

Mobile phone invention technology

Linda – 17, Michael’s swim coach got him a personal best, 25M in 13.9 secs

Patent rights sold to Motorola – £75,000 + $526,000 for 2 USA trips.
Granted Patent No. GB2201866B Long battery life mobile technology.
First licensed to Novatel – Canada – £21,000.
sold to Motorola for £75,000 + $526,000 expenses for 2 tri
ps to
US Patent Office in Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia – USA

Linda – aged 17, Michael’s swim trainer/coach achieve his PB 25M in 13.9 secs

Quadratic Engine
Barbara McCall – World Latin Dance Champion – our teacher with Quad prototype.

Quadratic Engine: Aug 1990 PW – UT USA paid Michael $150,000 for 40 hrs evaluation of QE. A 2.5 litre prototype was produced, tested and a video sent to UT Director of Technology in Dec 1991.
The Quadratic Engine was superseded by the Satellite Engine.
Satellite Engine: Nov 1996 Southern Electric USA paid Michael $50,000 to half cover cost of a 5 litre Satellite engine prototype, which was built and performed many good test runs.

Satellite Engine Working Prototype

3 of 20 team – Ami Keren, Ian King, Darron Rod

The few simple sat engine parts & low cost machining inspired Michael to invent the
Gigadron Hydraulic Motor / Pump a super powerful prime mover planet change invention, supplanting IC & turbo jet engines, being 1/35th their size, weight & cost for same power output, 10 fold fuel efficient, reducing global warming and polution by 90%. Gigadrons are safe – don’t explode or scald. Gigadrons start a new era of safe, silent, VTOL Airliners – vertical ascent or descent on a surface area the size of a football pitch.
Gigadron Hydraulic Motor / Pump prototype

Gigadron working prototype has two hydraulic connections.
Instant change of mode from motor to pump & vice versa.

Instant change of rotation direction and by a ‘through power output shaft’.
It’s the only hydraulic motor / pump in the world with above features.

Gigadron model above in 3-D colour animation produced by Michael

Gigadron – inside same live working prototype – 32 parts.

Below Gigadron thermo-hydraulic, 4-wheel drive, family saloon car, 300mpg.

Gigadron thermo-hydraulic 4-wheel, direct drive, no gear box, no engine, no hybrid electric motors, regenerative hydraulic braking, family saloon car, 300mpg, with many benefits makes planet a pollution free wonderful place to live in.

Gigadron Heat Pump – electricity / air conditioning from ground source heat.

Gigadron Spin-offs – AWG – Atmospheric Water Generators are refrigerant heat pumps driven by Gigadrons harvesting hot dessert air energy, also extracting enough water from dessert air to change desserts into lush green pastures of fruit, staple grain, vegetables & livestock for our planet’s hungry, homeless, jobless, disabled poor.
All funded free by world’s most prolific richest Inventor – Michael.

Below a dream dessert city using Gigadron AWGs funded entirely by Michael.

A dream No! If Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn visits collateralrevenueuk.com
If President Donald Trump visits collateralrevenueus.com

COLLATERAL REVENUE – from Real Rich – fixed assets – (collateral) exceeds £50Million.
A revolutionary ‘Tax Free’ for all gives five fold revenue for all nation’s expenses.

Michael (aged 17) invented Collateral Revenue – a ‘tax free’ economic system,
where-in the Super-Rich £50Million + Collateral (also tax free), gladly contribute
20% of their Collateral Assets/year, leaving them 80%/year of their assets to enjoy,
no taxes on employment, income, profits, sales, capital gains, customs/excise duty,
no inheritance tax, no need to be tax exiles, no tax accounts to submit.
Collateral Revenue from the Super-Rich provides five fold Nations budgets/year, with
five fold real money for free 24/7 National Health Services, sick, disabled, poor, jobless unemployed, single mums, homeless, orphans, OAPs, police, fire services,
armed forces.
A dream No! If Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn visit collateralrevenueuk.com
or If President Donald Trump visits collateralrevenueus.com

Swimming – strong swimmer trained by competition swimmers, life saved 6 persons from drowning – 2 in the sea & 4 at Swim Pools.
coached in 10 minutes by Wimbledon player Saeed Meer, Michael hit 142mph ace serves at London Premier League Matches. Michael is 1978 Isle of Wight champion Michael’s wide high kick serves are 2 meters out of reach!
Michael inventedhow to demote fast servers’ & ‘Ace drop shots’.
Squash – a high standard coached by
Azam Khan – World & British Squash Legend.
Rowing –
won 4 cups as Stroke in coxed racing fours @ British Boat Club.
Michael’s Win Tip! Go all out max- fast start/lead and keep gap ahead till end of race.

Michael self taught at 15, plays by music memory of correct chords/jazz harmonies.
A brilliant Yamaha PSR S950 Keyboardist – ballroom dance, timeless jazz standards;
Has made several CDs with oomph & pezzaz. Michael played electric guitar & piano on 5 Radio Local Talent Shows, Dance bands, won by 1st prizes at Butlins & Holiday Camps & as a professional session pianist in many East End London Pubs & British Legion Clubs -.
Composed ‘In London there’s no Fog’, ‘It’s Good to Talk’ ‘I Like Music when I Work’.

Ballroom Dance Champions: Michael & Danish spouse Ulla are form champions winning dozens of trophies on English Competition Ballroom & Latin Dance Circuits, including 5 times English Riviera Champions, Vice Winners 1990 Blackpool Champions of Tomorrow, 142 couples competed. Michael & Ulla coached by World Professional Champions twice weekly 2 hour lessons – Michael/Vicky Barr, Richard/Janet Gleave, Stephen/Linsey Hillier,
Ballroom legend Doreen Freeman & Latin legends Pamela McGill & Barbara McCall.

Physics: Michael aged 17, discovered What is temperature? & Orbiting Electron Frequency Concept to explain precise nature of Heat Thermodynamics, Radiation, Conduction, Adiabatics, Nuclear Energy, Boyles & Charles Laws. Temperature is measured in Gigacycles/sec),
OEF Laws Expose Einstein’s Genius Absurd Hoax SciFi Space/Time Warp Theories & Quantum/Fusion Physicist frauds – defineheat.com

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